Plastic Pollution & Solutions Infographics: Plastic Atlas Myanmar Version 2020

Plastic Pollution & Solutions Infographics: Plastic Atlas Myanmar Version 2020

Plastic Atlas 2020

Infographics in the Plastic Atlas 2020 Myanmar Version

In 2019-2020 Thant Myanmar collaborated with Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Myanmar to provide content, design and translation for 3 chapters about Myanmar in the Plastic Atlas Myanmar Version of the publication. It covered important issues about waste and plastic pollution in Myanmar.

I contributed to the Atlas by collaborating with our main researchers/content creator to create the design brief and then converted the said concepts into infographics. All the designs were created using Adobe Illustrator.

You can download the English version of the full Plastic Atlas from here. Myanmar version is here.

What's Up Myanmar

Plastic Consumption, Waste Flow and Recycling Structures

Waste Collection Systems in Myanmar
Final destination of plastic - percentages and flow of types of waste in Myanmar

Rural Waste = Plastic

How Plastic Ruined Myanmar's Rural Waste Cycle 

A look at the flow of plastic waste into the Irrawaddy River of Myanmar
Composition of plastic waste found of land and beaches due to littering in Myanmar
A guide to community waste management in Myanmar

Myanmar's Plastic Alternatives

Connecting the past with the future

The rise of PET bottles and possible future scenarios in Myanmar
Consumption of common plastic items and its existing sustainable alternatives taken from traditional Myanmar culture

You can download the full atlas here.

Nitika Bhardwaj

Nitika Bhardwaj

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