My name is Nitika Bhardwaj and I go by the nickname Nicky.

I am a Project Manager in the areas of Digital/IT Solutions and Environmental Sustainability.

I manage projects for corporates and non-profits with over 10 years of learning and growth in disciplinary and multi-cultural environment. I have lived and worked as a student in Japan and as a professional in Thailand and Myanmar.

I am a Telecommunications Engineer with an MBA in Innovation and Technology Management. I have certifications in Circular Economy and Project Management.

My professional and educational background has polished me into an expert communicator. I am able to manage multiple teams and communicate effectively with senior management, IT, strategy, marketing, procurement and finance departments.

Here is more about my work over the past 11+ years.

Environmental Sustainability 

2018 to Current - Projects on education, awareness and consumer research on Single-Use Plastic Pollution and Waste Management

Organization: Thant Myanmar

Location: Yangon, Myanmar

Thant Myanmar is a non-profit organization that runs campaigns and public awareness raising in reducing waste and plastic pollution. They do contractual work on waste management, surveys and research, development of toolkits and guides for private sector.

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Environmental Sustainability Education 

Timeline: August 2019 to Present

As the director of the Education program I initiated and designed several projects at Thant Myanmar from research to workshops at schools in Myanmar. 

August 2019: Conducted a research funded by the French Embassy, Myanmar to investigate the topics and methodology for teaching Environmental Sustainability topics in both local and international schools in Yangon. I conducted interviews of both students and teachers and from the results of the research designed workshops for schools.

March 2020: The curriculum and activities designed from previous research was used for running a half day workshop at the Aung Zayar Min Monastic School. See the youtube video below for more details.

Plastic pollution and waste seperation workshop at Aung Zayar Min Monastic School, Yangon, Myanmar

Inter-School Plastic Atlas Competition (for Environmental Education Program)

Timeline: October - November 2020

Roles: Project Manager, Content Creator & Designer

As the Director of Education at Thant Myanmar I initiated the project to involve high school students in environmental education activity using a publication called the Plastic Atlas (download magazine in english version here). This was published by the Myanmar office of Heinrich Böll Stiftung (a German Organisation) and Thant Myanmar contributed with 3 chapters on Myanmar's plastic pollution and waste situation.

The full details of the competition can be found on the Thant Myanmar website here.


  1. The competition was managed and hosted entirely online as it was the lockdown period of Covid-19 in Myanmar. I tapped into my network and arranged for funding, judges, rewards.
  2. Rewards were given in the form of internships with WWF Myanmar, Myanmar Recycles and Thant Myanmar, all well known and reputed bodies in the field of environmental conservation and sustainability. This was one of top attractive prospective for students. This was achieved by my personal networking of several years of working in Myanmar.
  3. The competition got 29 applications from 5 regions of Myanmar which included local schools and organizations. This was specially a big win as the competition was held in English and despite the conventional roadblock of language, I persisted and was able to attract a diverse pool of applicants.
  4. The competition was held on Zoom and streamed live via Facebook. Over 1500 viewers joined on Facebook with 60-70 continuous viewers over the 3 hours of the event. There were approx. 40 attendees on Zoom which included 6 finalists, their teachers and family along with our judges and Thant Myanmar team.
Trailer for the Plastic Atlas Competition in Yangon, Myanmar

Infographic Ideation and Design for Plastic Atlas

The Plastic Atlas is the publication on raising awareness on plastic pollution. It was published by the Myanmar office of Heinrich Böll Stiftung (a German Organization) and Thant Myanmar contributed 3 chapters on Myanmar's plastic pollution and waste situation.

I worked with our main researcher and content provider to ideate and design infographics for the three chapters as shown in the gallery below.

Single-Use Plastic Reduction Awareness and Recycling Trainings

Timeline: December 2018 to January 2021

Project Position: Content designer and trainer

For over two years and I designed training materials and delivered trainings to companies. While at Recycglo Co. Ltd, I delivered plastic pollution awareness and recycling trainings. At Thant Myanmar I created guides for plastic reduction for hotels, restaurants and companies (in-office staff awareness and reduction).

Here are some examples of guides and posters I have designed.

Plastic Consumer Awareness Survey for Prevent Plastics, SWITCH-Asia Project 

Project Implementers: Prevent Plastics with Sequa GmbH, Myanmar Banks Association, STENUM Asia and Thant Myanmar

Timeline: August to September 2020

Research Size: Small (between 3,000 to 6,000 USD)


  1. Used monetary lucky draw prizes to attract survey responders through Facebook ads which helped gather 250% more online respondents than proposed in the research proposal.
  2. Analyzed and reported data report to Prevent Plastics which received very good feedback. This helped Thant Myanmar strengthen its position as a local research partner for Prevent Plastics which translated to more projects and funds for Thant Myanmar.

Plastic Industry Research for World Bank

Project Implementers: Thant Mynamar was sub-contracted for this research by the World Bank Myanmar office.

Timeline: November t0 December 2019

Research Size: Medium (between 8,000 to 10,000 USD)


  1. Collected data on the plastic manufacturers in Yangon through interviews, online research and local market interviews. Given the short timeline of the research, I was able to collected data to provide to the World Bank to understand the market to a good extent.
  2. The research report was up-to the standards of the World Bank requirements and well received. This helped Thant Myanmar strengthen its position as a local research partner for World Bank which translated to more projects and funds for Thant Myanmar.

Digital/IT Solution Project Management

2011 to Current - Projects on websites, e-commerce, mobile applications, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, customer data and analytics systems

Organization: Thant Myanmar

Location: Yangon, Myanmar

Website for Organization's Profile and Resources

Timeline: December 2018 to May 2019

Project Position: Project Manager and Content Creator

Software Solution: Drupal

Team: 4

Size: Small. Free service was provided by the web implementer Inspiral Myanmar (company has closed post coup in Myanmar)


  1. I joined the organization as a volunteer in 2018 and like anyone else in the team at the time, worked without any compensation for this project. Since the organization was purely volunteer based at the time and the individual who had taken the responsibility of the website was not only not prioritising it but also had very rigid idea of the UI/UX of the site. It created challenges for the team to get the site implemented. Eventually the site's reponsibility was passed on to me and with a big help from the donors and implementers of the site I managed the implementation.
  2. I also created the UI/UX concept and created both text and graphic content for the site. This solved a lot of problem with finding volunteers who could do this at the expected standard and in the least amount of time possible.

Company: Saint Gobain - BPB Asia

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Saint Gobain is multinational corporation stablished in 1665 with headquarters in Paris, France and with presence in 75 countries. In Thailand the IT subsidiary of the company called BPB Asia handles the IT operations and management of the ASEAN region.

E-commerce B2B Platform

Timeline: October 2017 to march 2018

Project Position: Commercial Digital Solution/Project Manager

Software Solution: Drupal

Team: 10+ (including SI)

Size: Medium level


In a short time I was able to cultivate a good rapport with the sales, IT and product management teams which was key in getting them on board of the E-commerce project. I consulted and worked with the business and design teams on how to improve existing processes to move from existing software to a new and improved solution.

Company: SCG Cement Building Materials (CBM)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Cement Group (SCG) is a 100+ years old Fortune 500 company. It is one of the leading companies in the ASEAN Region with more than 50,000 employees. SCG Cement Building Materials (CBM) is one of its subsidiaries with B2B and B2C operations.

E-commerce Website at SCG CBM

Timeline: 2015-2017

Project Position: Project Manager

Software Solution: SAP WCEM integrated with existing SAP CRM 4.0 and SAP ECC 6.0 and MS Sharepoint CMS

Team members: 50+

Size: Enterprise level (over 1 million USD budget)


  1. At the initiation stage, the E-commerce business model had a challenge. Most building materials products could not be sold in a conventional add-to-cart, checkout and pay process. It required some offline processing with the customers. So, I along with marketing, sales and IT teams suggested an idea to create two different types of product catalog and shopping customer journeys which became the baseline process on which the project was built on and solved the challenge integrating an online to offline to online buying process.
  2. SAP WCEM was discontinued by SAP halfway through the project. When the management decided to continue anyway, I helped with creating strategies and ideas to ensure the project can be still be implemented. Also, because of the unconventional product catalog and selling process (as mentioned in point above) meant a lot of customization. It did make the project much more difficult but it allowed for the innovative idea of selling building materials online to go live and from that experience of selling, the company continued with improving better solutions in the future.
  3. Investigated and learned how to solve issues with integration of backend systems, ERP SAP ECC 6.0, MS SharePoint Content Management System and SAP CRM 4.0. This required several negotiations with existing IT teams to get on board with making major changes to existing platforms. I also helped my superiors with negotiating to the system implementers to avoid further budget increases and/or timeline delays.

Mobility and Mobile Applications

Project Position: Project Manager, IT Analyst

Software Solution: Windows, iOS, Android Applications

Stakeholders: 300+

Size: Small to Medium (10,000 to 30,000 USD budgets)


  1. The projects for mobility and mobile applications belonged to the digital strategy of SCG Experience to innovate and test how the company can innovate front-end sales processes. Since the processes were entirely new, there usually weren't any detailed requirements to start with. I (along with my team and manager) worked on ideas and created a requirement list from interviews with IT, marketing, sales and merchandising teams at SCG. My idea generation and research skills helped me become a strong member of team which translated to good performance and promotions in my job.
  2. Change management was not yet a concept on the forefront of these projects (yet). There was always a challenge of acceptance and adoption by the sales and marketing employees, our customers for the projects. I networked, negotiated and trained 100+ employees with my team. I must add that it is was also the good nature and helpful attitude of staff that made this process a lot easier and successful.

Retail Store Technology: Video Conferencing for Online Consultation, Customer Counting at Store, Digital Signage for Sales

From 2011 to 2015 I worked on several small projects in a capacity of assistant project manager to researching and implement store front technologies. The objective was to modernize the sales store of SCG Experience. My performance over these projects is what helped get me promoted to Project Manager at SCG in March 2015

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